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GenEthix is a leader in developing supplements of a superior quality that maximize the health and performance of competitive athletes.

We seek to bring peace of mind to athletes at the collegiate, professional, and Olympic levels by providing the highest quality of tested supplements.

Team GenEthix

Sylvain Robitaille, Entrepreneur

Born in Quebec, Sylvain Robitaille is one of three GenEthix partners. Since a young age, Mr. Robitaille has been an avid sportsman. He joined the GenEthix team with the primary aim to push and expand the range of products designed to improve the physical performance of elite athletes.

A true visionary, Mr. Robitaille is also an investor, founder, and designer of the Isatis Sport Complexes located in Chambly (2012), in St. Constant (2013), and in St. Hyacinthe (2014), Quebec. Along with his two partners, Mr. Robitaille has launched these complexes with the ultimate goal to bring these arenas to the next level for athletes, spectators, youth and adults alike. Bright and purposefully modern, Isatis sports centers offer a new and unique experience that contrasts former arenas. They include several ice rinks, workout facilities, sports shops, and trendy restaurants all under one roof.

Mr. Robitaille is also the president of Syscomax Inc., a company he founded in 1988. Syscomax is a general construction company specializing in the agri-food sector, aerospace, pharmaceutical, industrial and commercial, as well as sport related facilities. Since the creation of Syscomax, Mr. Robitaille, has been one of the main initiators of the “turnkey” construction formula, developed in close collaboration with his clients. This formula has spread throughout the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors. Mr. Robitaille is a recognized authority on the strict standards set forth by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) as Syscomax is a leader in the development, design, and construction of facilities that deal with food processing.

Furthermore, as an aviation enthusiast and pilot, Mr. Robitaille founded the company Helibellule with his wife, Valerie Delorme, in 2007. Helibellule is a private FBO (fixed-base operation) located at the Mirabel International Airport. The company offers its clients a complete range of executive services such as helicopter transportation, maintenance, storage, and servicing to meet all of their needs.

On a personal note, though his professional accomplishments are quite extraordinary, Mr. Robitaille prides himself in taking time out. For example, it’s not out of the ordinary for him to trade in the suit and tie for shorts and sneakers and enjoy a run during lunch. To him, it’s all about balance.

Sylvain Robitaille, Entrepreneur