Alexandra Ianculescu

Speed skating

Born :
October 21 1991 (age : 30)
Birth place :
Height :
5 ft 6 in
Weight :
123 lbs

Favorite Exercise: “As a speed skater, I focus mainly on lower body training. One of my favorite dry-land exercises is Hurdle Jumping as I like to work on functional strength and power simultaneously. At the end of all of my sets, I like to challenge myself and see how high I can jump on a single hurdle and then on three in a row.”

Favorite Product: ”The GenEthix chocolate Recovery Strategy is my favorite supplement because it has all the nutrients and amino acids that I need to recover quickly, efficiently and to ensure I am ready to go for my next workout. Also, the fact that chocolate is one of my favorite things, makes it even easier to take, since it is the great taste and quality product; two great things, all in one pouch!”

“Thanks to GenEthix, it’s easy for me to be consistent and raise the bar daily in my performances, as I have the best fuel in my tank.”