Erica Wiebe

Olympic wrestler

Born :
June 6 1989 (age : 32)
Birth place :
Stittsville, ON, CAN
Height :
5 ft 9 in
Weight :
165 lbs

Favorite Exercise: Power Clean
“When I first started training with the national team, I was new to Olympic lifting and it took me awhile to build myself up. I hated it because I wasn’t good at it but I continued to work hard and stay committed. Power Clean is the ultimate tool for anyone seeking to develop dynamic power and it’s really fun to throw around heavy objects.”


Favorite Product: Compete Formula
“It tastes great and gives me that extra edge to get through a long, hard, two-hour wresting session.”


“Wow! Everything far surpassed my expectations and I am very happy to consider myself part of team GenEthix!”
– Erica Wiebe